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Elite Custom Series

The Classic is our standard model; we use this stair’s construction as our framework for all of the models in the Elite Custom Series. The Classic is affordable, straightforward, and always popular. You can keep it simple in design or add a variety options such as balusters, treads, and other accessories to make it your own.


Features for Classic

  • Handrail is pre-formed for easy assembly
  • Solid 3/4” square or twisted balusters come standard
  • Knock-down construction makes installation a dream with limited connections and hardware
  • Flake board treads are included for carpet
  • Steel or aluminum construction

Old world skill and craftsmanship are used to create a stair with art and architecture in mind. Hand-made scrolls in each panel to capture fluid and grace. Embossed metal handrails are used to keep the art alive from top to bottom.

Features for Foundry

  • Embossed brass or copper handrail
  • Solid or scroll skirt board attached to side of treads
  • Baluster are welded in panels and attached in sections

Grande Cayman
Bursts of sunlight and energy with a twist of modern architecture. Laser cut panels create a vivid picture and statement.


Features for Grande Cayman

  • Alternating laser cut panels and round balusters
  • Balusters are available in steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel

Ice Palace
Curved glass and metal create a truly unique twist. Glass panels are mainly used to create an open feel made to match our popular glass railing for upper decks. The panels are laminated to match the arch of the spiral frame and supported with stainless clips. A functional piece of glass art work that will illuminate with light in any interior or exterior application.

Features for Ice Palace

  • Laminated glass panels and tread inserts
  • Round tube frame work
  • Made in aluminum or steel

Key West
Created here in Florida to capture the best of what this state has to offer, sunshine and beaches. Allow nature to come alive with this beautiful sunset railing design.

Features for Key West

  • Laser cut sunset panels
  • Forged round wave balusters available in aluminum, steel, brass, or stainless steel
  • Round handrail
  • Verde powder coat finish adds the perfect touch!

Centuries old spanish traditional ironwork forged together in panels. Balusters are hammered and forged by hand one at a time. This stair reminds us of the history behind true craftsman, we carry on that legacy in our Mediterranean.

Features for Mediterranean

  • Hand forged hammered balusters
  • Elaborate skirting on tread attachments
  • Embossed brass or copper handrail

A sailing ship on the sea, formed bands of wood and metal bond together to create a vibrant composition. The completely formed handrail comes pre-fit in the shape of the metal spiral stair. Round balusters support the handrail and are concealed nicely and fit into the underside of the handrail. The handrail is usually made in two to four pieces depending on the size of the stair.

Features for Nautical

  • Solid red oak wood handrail
  • Multiple handrail profiles to choose from
  • Various wood species available

A blend of class and attitude, the Prestige captures this in its double volute handrail. Two handrails formed as one with a strong entry twist. Balusters are jazzed up with solid nickel or brass rings attached seamlessly. A unique spiral stair that will stand out among the rest.

Features for Prestige

  • Round handrail with subrailing and double volute
  • A combination of steel, brass, stainless and nickel baluster options

Capture the rustic and rugged motif with a sophisticated combination of steel, forged iron and copper. Diamond shaped balusters can be added in any variation of copper and steel. All hammered and chiseled balusters relate to a rustic cabin in the mountain air.

Features for Rustic

  • Hammered and chiseled diamond shaped balusters
  • Steel or copper embossed handrail
  • Embossed tread frame

Modern architecture is created with this multi-line horizontal railing system. Perfect for any contemporary application, compliment this spiral stair with a matching balcony rail to create a sweep of horizontal rails.

Features for Studio

  • 8 lines of horizontal line railing
  • Round tubing with all natural curves
  • Minimal welds and connections create a floating effect

Our stairs add beauty, style and functionality. We offer a full design service to help guide your way through laying out the perfect stair or railing. You dream it and we will build it, contact a stair consultant today!